Tip Sheet on Responding to Youth and Young Adult Mental Health Needs

Summary:  This tip sheet supports State, Tribal, county and private child welfare programs in addressing the wellness and mental health needs of youth and young adults.  It includes tips to help promote mental health and wellness services, jurisdictional highlights and links to relevant resources and tools.  Some of the strategies that are discussed include: 

  • Using a trauma-informed approach. 
  • Using a holistic approach that focuses on young people’s well-being within the home, family, work, school, and community. 
  • Addressing cultural and systemic barriers. 
  • Helping young people grow their interests, make social connections, and engage in healthy activities. 
  • Flexible funding to support mental health and holistic wellness supports. 

Includes links to additional resources and relevant organizations. 


Application:  Excellent overview of the need for holistic mental health support, the challenges, suggested solution tips, and examples. 


Source: Child Welfare Information Gateway


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