Circle of Courage

Summary:  This presentation uses the traditional Native American “Circle of Courage” to help students learn how to generate a healthy balance physically and emotionally. 


The four values, based on Universal Needs, in the Circle of Courage include: 

  •  Generosity – the need to know our own virtue 
  • Independence – the need to be personally powerful 
  • Belonging – the need to be significant 
  • Mastery – the need to feel competent 


Application:  The educational philosophies discussed in this presentation are relevant to all children today and are based on research of effective practices. Incorporating a cultural belief system into an educational environment provides a holistic approach which promotes self-esteem, increases motivation, and fosters good citizenship. Helping a student identify and balance his/her values is attainable with positive support from teachers, students, staff and parents. 


Source: PA Parent Alliance


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