The Importance of Birth Parent and Foster Caregiver Partnerships

Summary:  A strong partnership between birth parents and foster caregivers is an important element of child welfare practice that can have many benefits for children, youth, and families.  

This learning module from the Children’s Bureau Learning and Coordination Center provides information about these important partnerships and how professionals can contribute to their success. 

Module topics explore the following: 

  • The importance of relationships between birth parents and foster caregivers 
  • Relationships from a family systems perspective 
  • Supportive family systems concepts 
  • Lived experiences from both birth parents and foster caregivers 
  • Reflective exercises for complex relationships 
  • Creating a journal for success and sustainability 


Application:  This tool provides an excellent overview of family systems concepts and the need for a new perspective in child welfare as it relates to family dynamics and the health and well-being of everyone involved in the transitional care of children and young adults. 


Source: Children’s Bureau Express


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