Technical Assistance (TA)

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Technical Assistance


What is technical assistance?

Technical assistance is a process of transferring knowledge and skills from experts to individuals or organizations that need support. TA is designed to help organizations achieve their goals by supporting them with the knowledge and expertise they need to succeed.




TA Goals


Goal 1

Increased collaboration between CW and MH systems
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Goal 2

Increased use of NTI training by MH workforce

Goal 3

Increased accessibility of quality MH services

Goal 4

Sustainability of systems collaboration and accessibility of adoption competent mental health services

Goal 5

Enhanced well-being, stability, permanency, and behavioral health of youth

We will deliver technical assistance (TA) to 30 States, Tribes, and territories (STTs) over five years to help sites develop sustainable collaborative structures between child welfare and mental health and expand access to adoption competent mental health providers. To help STTs succeed, we will apply our expertise, deep relationships, extensive networks, experience assisting with system change with both child welfare and mental health systems, and our understanding of effective TA approaches and cross-system collaboration building. We will share our strengths in developing and disseminating evidence-informed resources and tools for multiple audiences, nationally recognized leadership in youth and family voice and engagement, robust and meaningful approaches to integrating racial equity into our work, CQI, and others to achieve the Children’s Bureau’s vision.

Our intensive, on-site TA and robust Repository will provide extensive knowledge and resources to support STTs in providing and increasing access to comprehensive adoption competent services for children and youth in foster care, adoption, or guardianship, leading to improved mental health, stability, permanency, and well-being for children, youth, and families.

Universal Technical Assistance

Provide services and universal product development and dissemination through the Knowledge Hub to all CW and MH workforces.

  • Focus on effective strategies and practices related to building collaborative structures between CW and MH systems, increasing access to child welfare competent services, and strategies for improving alignment and coordination of CW and MH services
  • Incorporate insights and emerging knowledge from TA sites
  • Profile innovative and promising CW-MH cross systems practices and resources
  • Provide a broad range of resources for diverse audiences such as webinars, toolkits, tipsheets, and podcasts

Knowledge Hub