Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit

Summary:  Supports caseworkers, supervisors, and all other levels of the child welfare workforce in implementing trauma-informed knowledge and skills in their daily interactions, professional services, and organizational culture.  The third edition of the Child Welfare Trauma Training Toolkit (CWTTT) incorporates two foundational trainings, a specialized skills training for supervisors and caseworkers, and a supervisor consultation series to enhance transfer of learning into day-to-day practice. 


Application:  This toolkit supports child welfare professionals.  There are a lot of resources attached to this website re: Trauma Treatments, Screening and Assessments, Psychological First Aid and SPR, and Core Curriculum on Childhood Trauma.  The website also includes specific resources on Trauma-Informed Systems; Culture & Trauma; Families and Trauma; Family-Youth-Provider Partnerships; Secondary Trauma Stress; and Trauma-Informed Organizational Assessment. 


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