Summary:  This is a comprehensive list of resources that address trauma to children and adolescents as a behavioral health concern.  Topics include: 

  • Evidence-based interventions to reduce the debilitating mental health impact of traumatic experiences on children and adolescents 
  • Collaborations with all systems of care where children and adolescents who have experienced trauma receive services 
  • Successful education and training approaches, including training practitioners in trauma-informed and evidence-based treatment and services 
  • Data collection and evaluation activities 
  • Education and awareness raising with policymakers regarding trauma, resilience, and recovery 
  • Product development for professionals, policymakers, families, youth, and the public 
  • Partnerships with youth, families, and other consumers 


Application:  These resources focus on survivors, family and friends of survivors, health professionals who work with survivors, primary care practitioners who work with survivors, parents and caregivers, military families, educators and mental health professionals. 


Source: National Federation of Families


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