Screening and Assessment of Suicidal Behavior in Transition-Age Youth with Foster Care Involvement

Summary: Researchers reviewed some of the most commonly used screening and assessment tools for youth to identify the best for transition-aged youth.  They identified one brief screening tool (the ASQ) and four assessments (the SIQ-JR, the C-SSRS, the SHBQ, and the SPS) that demonstrated specific promise for use with this population.


Application: Researchers make a few recommendations for professionals serving transition-aged youth:

  • Conduct systematic, routine assessment of mental health and suicide risk across CW settings
  • The protocol for assessing suicidal behavior in transition-aged youth must account for the wide variations in context and service provision
  • CW workers administering assessments must be thoughtfully trained on risk identification and the protocol implementation.


Source: Child and Adolescent Social Work Journal




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