Research-Practice Partnerships for Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices in Child Welfare and Child Mental Health: A White Paper 

Summary: This article reviews the key relationships between the various types of professionals who support child welfare and mental health, most notably researchers, policymakers, and clinicians. The article makes a case for the importance of building relationships between each of these individuals and looking closely at the various pieces each individual holds and how they can work together to provide a well-rounded experience for children in need.  


Application: This article can be applied to professionals working at any level in child welfare or mental health, particularly those who are aiming to increase positive outcomes for children. This is relevant information for clinicians who are treating mental health conditions in kids, as well as researchers developing new forms of treatment for mental health issues. It’s also highly relevant for those developing impactful child welfare policies and procedures. It can be used as a jumping off point for developing relationships between each of these people. 


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