Addressing Mental Health Among Children, Staff and Families in Tribal Early Childhood – Tribal Early Childhood Development Webinar Series 


Summary:  Early relational health prioritizes the importance of positive, nurturing relationships in promoting infant and child development and overall family well-being. 

This webinar approaches family systems and caregiving in a way that aligns with Indigenous frameworks of relational health. 

These modules take users through six core lessons over multiple sessions which include: 

  • Starting the healing journey 
  • Relaxation 
  • Getting active 
  • Thinking in a different way 
  • Reducing substance use 
  • Safety 
  • Family spirit strengths (weaving Indigenous knowledge into evidence-based practices) 


Application:  Includes helpful examples of key strategies to promote mental health including establishing cross-agency leadership, ensuring Medicaid payments, investing in prevention through mental health consultation, training the workforce, and raising public awareness.  Excellent for child welfare, medical, and mental health professionals and policymakers.



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