The National Center Officially Begins TA Partnership with Oklahoma after Successful Kickoff Meeting


The National Center Officially Begins TA Partnership with Oklahoma after Successful Kickoff Meeting

Written by Sean Snyder

The National Center is pioneering a new path to increasing adoption competent mental health services and had a successful Technical Assistance Kick-Off with our first state, Oklahoma.

The National Center has partnered with Oklahoma to build bridges to a wealth of resources and expertise, all delivered through in-depth technical assistance, with the goal of helping Oklahoma realize its vision of advancing adoption competent mental health services. Through this partnership, Oklahoma is setting an example for other states, showing a strong commitment to improving child welfare outcomes.

The kickoff meeting was held in Oklahoma City on May 16, 2024, with attendees representing diverse professional and personal backgrounds, like Oklahoma’s Department of Human Services, child welfare organizations, mental health agencies, and families with experience in the child welfare system. During the event, attendees heard from panelists with lived experience about the first-hand importance of adoption competent mental health services; engaged in collaborative brainstorming about ways to enhance mental health services in the state; and set the course for developing a state-wide workplan to bring about meaningful change towards adoption competent services.

Attendees expressed their enthusiasm for the collaboration. David Johnson, a Program Administrator from Oklahoma Human Services, stated:

“I was very encouraged by the attendance of such a wide range of partners who were present for this meeting. It really speaks to the importance of this work and the need for collaboration across our systems. I believe the information presented and the discussions between partners will initiate a more intentional collaboration process going forward.”

With help from the National Center, Oklahoma is poised to create a robust framework that other states can emulate, leading to more competent adoption mental health services nationwide.

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